“And lo, the sky cracked open, revealing a void so dark it swallowed the light of the sun and stars. From this chasm descended a serpentine creature with seven heads, each uttering blasphemies and lies. Its scales were like molten metal, glowing with an unholy fire, and its fangs dripped with a venom that turned rivers to poison. A crown of darkness rested upon each of its heads, and in its wake followed legions of twisted beings, their forms unrecognizable, their cries a cacophony of despair.

Then a voice, dreadful and ancient, echoed through the heavens and the earth: ‘Behold the Sovereign of Nightmares, the Bringer of Chaos. Its reign shall be one of endless torment, and its pleasure shall be the lamentation of the righteous. Seal your doors, close your eyes, but know this: there will be no sanctuary, no refuge, only the consuming darkness.'”

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